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Genshin Impact Gorou Inspired Crystal Beaded Bracelet

Genshin Impact Gorou Inspired Crystal Beaded Bracelet

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Crystal bracelet inspired by Gorou from Genshin Impact

The bracelet draws from his outfit and his character's colour scheme and a little dog paw print charm representing the dog blood that flows in him and the traits he has!

Bracelet is suitable for a wrist circumference of 15cm-16cm.
The crystal beads are made up of zircon, acrylic and cat's eye stones, and 14k gold-plated beads.

Do note that the crystal beads might not look entirely the same as each one is different. And it is hard to capture it on camera! :(


It would take 3-4 weeks to process your order as there is high demand for these bracelets on other sales channels so the stock is not an accurate reflection of the current stock levels.

If you need larger quantities do let me know I'll try to secure stocks for you!

Care Instructions:

Please do not treat the bracelet roughly as the crystals will have scratches.
As the materials are made of gold-plated copper it is prone to oxidization.
Hence if you do wear it to shower or if the weather is humid it might turn green as time goes by!!!!!

Please kindly note that each item is entirely handmade and therefore might have some slight differences from the pictures due to lighting and angles.
If you are bothered by this please refrain from placing an order ಥ_ಥ

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Received it, I like it very much (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

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